Is it a Marmalade, a Jam or a Jelly?

It’s that time of year again when we are neck deep in cutting, pitting and shredding those very tart seville oranges.  Only used for marmalade, those orange fruits can not be eaten raw, or beware an unsuspecting newbie tries it here in production for the pleasure of the rest of us.

But what is the difference between a marmalade, jam and jelly?  We hear this popular question often and it is quite simple.  Marmalade is made using any citrus type fruits, such as oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes.   The entire fruit is used including the juice, skin and pith.  Jam on the other hand never uses citrus fruits, but is made using all other types of fruits or berries, including the pulp and skins too.   Jellies are simply made from the pressed juice of all fruits (except citrus), without any pulp or skins.

In one of our products we make we add peaches to our seville oranges, to create “Peach Marmalade”, but because of the addition of orange rind and juice to the ingredients it is most definitely a marmalade.  This one has all the elements of tart and sweet, a perfect balance between both marmalade and jam.   Visit us for Product Information, Recipes, Where to Buy and Online Shopping

Peach Marmalade


2 thoughts on “Is it a Marmalade, a Jam or a Jelly?

  1. Beautiful ad! Never knew that there are special oranges for the marmalade process. Our daughter visited Seville during orange season. She said it was one of the most beautiful and fragrant places she had ever visited.

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